Sheriff’s Officers and JCPD help Evacuate Residents from Building on Fire

Hudson County Sheriff’s Officers Perform Heroic Actions During Fire in Jersey City Heights

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Statement from Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari on the actions by Sheriff’s Officers during a fire in Jersey City Heights.

“On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Hudson County Sheriff’s Officer G. Nahrwold observed a working house fire at 10 Irving Street at approximately 3:00 AM. Officer Nahrwold requested the Jersey City Fire Department’s (JCFD) response.  During the time leading up to JCFD’s initial arrival, Officer Nahrwold started to evacuate residents of the building on fire. 

Once he verified all occupants were out of the structure, he started to evacuate the adjacent buildings with the assistance of a Jersey City Police Officer. Together both were able to get everyone out of the adjacent homes which by this point were being threatened by the fire.

Sheriff’s Sergeant DePena arrived on scene and helped coordinate the evacuation of the residents to a safe location where they could be treated once JCFD and EMS arrived on scene.

I would like to commend the heroic actions of my officers, the Jersey City Police Department, Jersey City Fire Department, and Jersey City EMS for working together to avert a bigger tragedy from occurring.”

Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari.


J.P. Escobar