Sires Team Challenges Opponent to Prove Validity of Petition Claims or Donate $5,000 to Charity in West New York Mayoral Race

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. — The Sires Team for West New York is ramping up the pressure on their opponents’ wild claims about collecting 12,000 nominating petitions after they filed less than 2,500.

“If Cosmo Cirillo can prove he is telling the truth, The Sires Team for West New York will gladly donate $5,000 to the local charity of his choice,” says Albio Sires, the former congressman who is running to become mayor again. “All Cosmo has to do is bring the 12,000 valid petitions he claims to have to the Town Clerk by 4 pm today.” The town clerk will not enter, log, make a list, or make copies of them. All the office will do is verify their validity.

Sires Team Spokesman Paul Swibinski called on Cirillo and his WNY Forward campaign to “come clean with the people of West New York and prove that you are not running a George Santos style fantasy campaign of total nonsense and false claims.”

The Sires Team filed about 15,000 valid petitions signed by registered voters with the Town Clerk last week.

Hudson TV attempted to reach out to Cosmo Cirillo via text message for comment, but as of press time, he had not responded.


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