Sires Team For WNY Continues To Gather Nominating Petitions, Surpasses 8,000

Community Support for “Sires Team for WNY” Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Sires Team For WNY Files 875 Additional Signed Petitions in Just Two Days Bringing  The Total of 8,025 Petitions

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. — The “Sires Team for WNY” slate of candidates for the West New York Board of Commissioners secured an additional 875 signed nominating petitions in just the past two days.The Sires Team for WNY filed 2,025 petitions this past week and filed 8,025 petitions in the 17 days since launching the campaign. The organizational strength demonstrated by the Sires Team for WNY highlights their dedication to the community and ability to deliver results.

“It is clear that the community knows we will always fight to  move West New York forward. Supporting our petition efforts highlights the trust the community has in our organization,” said former Congressman Albio Sires, who heads the Sires Team for WNY ticket. “The overwhelming support from this community is exactly why we are running this campaign to deliver results for our neighbors, friends, and family.”

The Sires Team for WNY consists of Sires, Commissioner Victor Barrera, Board of Education President Adam Parkinson, Board of Education trustee Marielka Diaz and housing advocate Marcos Arroyo.

Congressman Sires and the Sires Team for WNY ticket announced priority projects including building a new public library and media center, investing in local parks and recreation programs, and improving local school buildings