Six Women Arrested the Same Day on Prostitution Charges in Secaucus

Secaucus Police Blotter
Secaucus Police Department Weekly Blotter

In a significant operation on November 17, 2023, the Secaucus Police Department’s Anti-Crime Unit made a series of arrests targeting prostitution and related vice crimes. This operation, part of an ongoing effort to combat illegal activities within the town, resulted in the arrest of six women at various locations throughout Secaucus.

The first arrest occurred at 6:55 PM, involving 45-year-old Johanny Ledesma from the Bronx, NY, charged with Engaging in Prostitution. Following this, at 7:46 PM, Simone Deoliveiraavila, 36, from Newark, NJ, was arrested on charges of Engaging in Prostitution and Promoting Prostitution.

The operation continued with the arrest of 31-year-old Estefanie Feliz Martinez and 26-year-old Bladimir Encarcioncruz, both from Paterson, NJ. Martinez was charged with Engaging in Prostitution, while Encarcioncruz faced charges of Promoting Prostitution. Additionally, 18-year-old Nairoby Constanzamartinez, also from Paterson, NJ, was arrested for Promoting Prostitution.

Later in the evening, at 9:35 PM, Ingrid Palomino Cerquera, 24, from Paterson, NJ, was arrested for Engaging in Prostitution. Accompanying her was Ivan Gaviriaflorez, 31, also from Paterson, NJ, who faced charges of Promoting Prostitution, Possession of CDS believed to be 2CB, and Money Laundering.

The final arrest of the night was at 11:50 PM, where 23-year-old Yerelin Rodriguez-Hernandez from Paterson, NJ, was detained for Engaging in Prostitution.

All individuals were issued complaint summonses and released from police custody. This operation highlights the ongoing efforts of the Secaucus Police Department to address and deter vice-related crimes, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.


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