Speaker Coughlin names Assemblyman Chiaravalloti as Majority Whip 


TRENTON – Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Majority Leader Louis Greenwald this week officially announced the Assembly Leadership Team for the 219th session of the legislature.

In a new leadership position, Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti of the 31st District will serve as Majority Whip. In this newly created role, Chiaravalloti will be responsible for ensuring the Assembly Democratic Caucus will support the important goal of advancing New Jersey.

“I have decided to increase the Leadership Team from six to eight in order to incorporate more members to help in creating a more member-centric decision-making process,” said Coughlin. “I envision the new Majority Whip and Policy Chair providing an open line of communication amongst themselves, legislators, staff and leadership which will assist all of us in crafting thoughtful and responsible legislation that makes New Jersey a more competitive place in which to live and raise a family.”

Chiaravalloti is currently vice-chair of the Assembly Human Services Committee and serves on the Commerce and Judiciary Committees.

“I thank Speaker Coughlin for entrusting me with this new responsibility and opportunity,” said Chiaravalloti. “I am confident that working together with my colleagues, we will improve the operation in the Assembly and continue making a positive impact on the people of New Jersey.”

Leading the 52-28 Assembly Democratic majority, the following Assembly members make up the Leadership team: Assemblywoman Annette Quijano has been named as Conference Leader. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson has been appointed to his second term as Speaker Pro Tempore. Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin has been re-named as chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. Assemblyman John Burzichelli has been re-appointed as Assembly Appropriations Committee chairman. Assemblyman Gary Schaer has been tapped as Policy Chair. In this new position, Schaer will be tasked with working with fellow Caucus members on the most complex issues to ensure a consistent agenda.


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