The Education Matters Slate Gets Endorsement From Jersey City Education Association

JCEA endorses The Education Matters Team

Mike Greco, Chairperson of the Jersey City Education Association’s Political Action Committee, announced today that the JCEA PAC has the Education Matters team of  Lorenzo Richardson, Gina Verdibello and Lekendrick Shaw in the 2020 Jersey City Board of Education race. “On behalf of the nearly 4,000 Jersey City Public School educators and school support staff, I am pleased to announce our endorsement of the members of The Education Matters team”, said JCEA President, Ronald Greco. “These candidates have the proven track records of experience and commitment needed during this difficult time to help get our schools and our children back on track safely.  Each possesses the unique qualities we feel are essential for a productive and successful school board. Lorenzo, Lekendrick and Gina have demonstrated their value in their levels of experience, commitment and progressive ideas when it comes to advocating for the Jersey City Public Schools community. Their leadership has played a key role in guiding the district through difficult times and especially now during  this unprecedented health crisis which has greatly impacted our students, parents & staff.  Perhaps their most valuable asset is their uncanny ability to listen to and take to heart the concerns and input of all stakeholders in the Jersey City Public Schools community while making sensible, well thought out decisions.“Lorenzo, Gina and Lekendrick are community-minded individuals with both short and long-term goals of making the Jersey City Public Schools a model district for the state and nation. These individuals were faced with unprecedented cuts in state aid and they stepped up to the plate to do what was asked of them by their constituents in the community to limit the impact this had on our schools.  We are confident that they can exhibit the same progressive thinking and leadership to navigate us through this current health crisis and to provide a safe reopening plan that welcomes back our students when the time is right and focuses on addressing their social and emotional needs which have been greatly impacted by the pandemic.  The members of the JCEA will be with them every step of the way and will offer every available resource throughout their campaign because we are confident that these are the individuals who will get the job done for our students, parents & staff.” Greco said of the union’s support for the Education Matters team.

“Through their experience and actions these candidates have proven to us that they have the commitment, the vision and the experience to continue to be effective Jersey City Public School Board Members – and we want to help them achieve that goal, as there is only one chance to get this right and no room for error.” Greco said.