Third Positive Case of Coronavirus in Jersey City, Mayor Fulop says

As I mentioned several days ago I will be proactive with information to avoid rumors so that you can trust if the info on the local happenings didn’t come from the JC government then it is likely rumor. Being transparent as I get info will hopefully be helpful for you.

We have a 3rd positive case today. Male 80yo, Heights Resident. He has been in isolation and has had limited contact with JC residents. At this time, we are following up proactively with any contacts he has had though.

Of note to what we see in real time on the ground: We do expect positive tests to increase significantly in our area as more tests results come back and as the state/federal guidelines for testing become loosened.

Important to note that the 3 positive cases in Jersey City did not come through the standard CDC protocol in that the tests went through private healthcare providers. Why is that relevant? Because it highlights the differences between good insurance and lesser insurance which isn’t helped by slow actions at the federal government level on testing which then impacts the broader community.

I just want to provide a picture for what we see on the local level and the challenges that local government faces.


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