Three West New York Cops tested positive for Coronavirus, Mayor says

West New York Residents

During these challenging times, we want to continue to keep you informed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so in addition to our daily updates, we will also provide a summary of pertinent information for said week. We continue to work closely with our local, county and state authorities as well as our neighboring municipalities to ensure our efforts are working cohesively and efficiently throughout this time. The priority of this administration is and will always be the safety and wellbeing of the residents of the Town of West New York.

On March 15, 2020 we declared and signed a Local Declaration of Emergency and have continuously looked at our protocols and procedures to ensure our community remains safe. We are in this fight together, and so we continue to work diligently to ensure our first responders have the personal protective equipment they need, to ensure we raise our testing capacities in the County and in the North Hudson area, and to provide you with thorough and clear information.

We had our first case on March 8, 2020 and as of today, West New York has a total of 77 positive cases of COVID-19 and 1 death, the County of Hudson has a total of 925 positive cases and 10 deaths, and Governor Murphy reported today a total of
13,386 positive cases and 161 deaths, and the United States has a total of 139,217 positive cases and 2,445 deaths. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by this virus and we offer our deepest condolences to the families who have
lost someone as a result of COVID-19.

Three (3) members of our Police Department have been tested positive for COVID-19, our administration is in contact with them and with our Public Health Official and is ensuring they have the resources they need through these trying times. This is an unfortunate reality we have to deal with, throughout the state there have been over 700 positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in emergency personnel. As more testing becomes available in our area and the greater New Jersey, we will unfortunately see more positive cases.

I cannot urge residents enough, if you feel symptoms of COVID-19, call your healthcare provider immediately or call the Hudson County Corona Virus Testing Hotline at 201.388.1097 or 646.862.1161. The more information we know about this
virus the sooner we will be able to defeat it together. Practicing social distancing and washing your hands frequently is absolutely necessary to protect from COVID-19. As a result, Governor Phillip D. Murphy has issued various executive orders with guidelines to close all non-essential businesses until further notice.

A town-wide curfew from 10:00PM-5:00AM was implemented on March 14 and the Governor issued a stay at home order on March 21, 2020 which we have been enforcing through warnings and we now may issue disorderly person offenses to those who are in flagrant violation of the Executive Order and our local curfew. As far as parking, we are only enforcing residential parking due to the limited parking stock, and our residents are our priority. While we still have our sweeper cleaning the streets, we are not enforcing or ticketing any vehicles for sweeper.

Through our social media pages (and attached), we have provided residents with a list of resources including local eateries, shops, and pharmacies offering pickup and delivery, local supermarkets offering delivery, and local supermarkets offering senior hours. We are doing everything we can so that our residents are home practicing social distancing. However, we need your help. All of these safeguards are useless if we don’t do our part. Residents need to follow the protocols established and should only go out to get the essential items that will allow them to remain at home. This is key to flattening the curve.

I would like to thank all our municipal employees for their continued dedication and cooperation as we work together to get through this. We will continue to work with our local health and public safety departments, as well as other government officials to ensure that West New York is prepared to get through these difficult times. As we have more information, we will continue to share it with you. As we communicate these plans with you, I ask you to remember to communicate with family and friends because social distancing is not social isolation. Call, text, email, or video chat with them. At a time when we can’t be physically together, we must remain united because We Are West New York.

Please Stay Safe,
Gabriel Rodriguez


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    1. 3/30/2020: I hope these Officer are at home practicing Safe Distance and resting and hope others weren’t infected cause I’m sure they’d feel worst if any family or friends got sick… with that I do hope they will rest & destress and back in action eventually.. Feel better Officers ?…

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