UCPD Offering Free Gun Locks To City Residents

Photo Credits:  Union City Police Department

The Union City Police Department has partnered with the New Jersey Department
of Veterans Affairs to offer free gun locks to residents that need one.  Creating a safe
home environment for those experiencing suicidal thoughts can significantly reduce the
likelihood of death by suicide. Even if you or someone you know is not at risk for
suicide, homes are safer when firearms are stored safely. You do not need to be a veteran
to receive a gun lock.
Through this initiative, anyone who receives a gun lock will also receive an educational
brochure that provides information about firearm safety and reducing access to other
household risks. The goal is to help ensure everyone is safe at home.
Mental health referral information is available for both veterans and civilians. You are not
The gun locks are available 24/7 at 3715 Palisade Avenue in Police Headquarters.