Union City Police Department Prepares Recruits for Academy with Intense Pre-Training


The Union City Police Department is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to prepare its new recruits for the rigorous demands of the Bergen County Police Academy. Hudson TV had the opportunity to spend a day with the ten recruits, nine men and one woman, as they underwent intense training in Union City before heading off to the Academy later this month.

The recruits were put through a series of physically demanding exercises, including push ups, sit ups, crawling up a hill on all fours, and running up and down five levels of a parking deck within a short time frame. These exercises were designed to test their strength, endurance, and mental toughness, and the recruits were pushed to their limits by their police instructors, who yelled at them and mocked them in some instances.

Despite the challenges, the recruits remained professional and focused, demonstrating their determination and commitment to becoming law enforcement officers. The training was intended to prepare them for the six months of intense study and physical conditioning they will face at the Academy, and it seems to be working.

Union City’s new police recruits will leave for the Academy on January 20 with nearly a month of instruction and training already under their belts. This will give them a significant advantage over the other 100 recruits at the Academy, who will not have received the same level of preparation. The Union City Police Department is clearly committed to ensuring that its recruits are ready for the challenges ahead, and it is confident that they will emerge from the Academy as skilled, dedicated officers.

The ten recruits, nine men and one woman, spend about a month in Union City receiving, by all accounts, training that is more intense than what they will be receiving at the Academy.  A combination of physical training combined with classroom instruction will put Union City’s recruits one step ahead of the game once they arrive in Mahwah.

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