Union City High School Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

It was a special day for Union City High School on Saturday afternoon, as the Board of Education and local community celebrated the school’s 15th anniversary with an outdoor festival.

Located on Kennedy Boulevard on the former site of the old Roosevelt Stadium, the high school was born out of necessity some two decades ago.  No longer could the district’s two high schools, Emerson downtown and Union Hill uptown, handle the growing student enrollment of the early 2000s.  So, with major assistance from the New Jersey Schools Development Authority and Governor Jim McGreevey at the time, the Board of Education and the Administration of Mayor Brian Stack broke ground on a new, state of the art high school.

The days of the Emerson Bulldogs and the Union Hill Hillers came to an end, at least at the high school level, as both schools remain in use as middle schools.  Born was Union City High School, the Soaring Eagles, and downtown and uptown merged into one.

On Saturday afternoon, on the rooftop field, a community celebration was held, marking 15 years for the new high school.  Many of the schools’ clubs participated.  The festival featured musical performances, games and plenty of food.

It was an afternoon to celebrate the high school’s marvelous 15 year history.


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