Union City Keeps Community Spirit Alive with Memorable Children’s Halloween Festival

Union City has always been renowned for its vibrant and spirited celebrations, and this Halloween was no exception. Brian P. Stack and his dedicated team hosted the annual Union City Children’s Halloween Festival, a spooky extravaganza that delighted families and little ones alike.

The festival, held in front of the Union City Library, welcomed families from across Hudson County on a crisp autumn evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. With the backdrop of this historic city, the event proved to be yet another example of Union City’s exceptional community spirit.

Children and their parents gathered to partake in the festivities, and the sweet treats and bouncy houses were the stars of the show. These Halloween staples have always been a recipe for success when it comes to winning the hearts of young revelers. Laughter and excitement filled the air as kids bounced around, their faces painted with smiles that could rival the brightest jack-o’-lantern.

Halloween is a time for creativity to shine, and Union City residents took the opportunity to showcase their imaginative costumes. The event saw a multitude of wacky and whimsical outfits, turning the gathering into a colorful parade of ghouls, superheroes, and all manner of creatures. From spooky witches to heroic superheroes, the city’s residents spared no effort to make this Halloween memorable.

Union City’s Mayor, Brian P. Stack, expressed his joy at the successful festival, stating, “Our city has a long history of celebrating holidays with enthusiasm, and Halloween is no exception. It’s heartwarming to see families come together to enjoy this special night, and I’m thrilled that we can provide a safe and fun environment for our children.” 

The Union City Children’s Halloween Festival has once again proven that when it comes to celebrating the most cherished holidays, “The City” knows how to do it best. As the night fell on this year’s Halloween celebration, the spirits of Union City were higher than ever, and the memories created will surely linger in the hearts of the community for years to come.