Union City Youngster Creates Motivational Video For Kids

10-year old Ryan Fernandez of Union City is an exceptional soccer player, ranked as one of the best at his age in the United States.  Ryan is dedicated to the sport and dreams of playing professionally when he gets older.   His dedication led him to create a motivational video for his peers, explaining how to succeed and meet the mental challenges in whatever a person does, whether in sports, school or life in general.

According to Ryan’s father, Union City Commissioner Lucio Fernandez, Ryan was displaying a talent for soccer before he barely knew how to walk, seemingly knocking around a soccer ball while he was still crawling. He has been participating on travel teams for half of his life, playing against 9-year olds when he was just 5 years of age.  He plays for the New York Red Bulls Pre-Academy, has been scouted for years, with professionals all saying he has what it takes at this young age to make it professionally if he continues to train and keep motivated.

Staying motivated and dedicated doesn’t seem like it will be a problem for Ryan.  It was his idea to create a motivational video for his peers.  He wanted to show them what it takes to succeed and be the best you can be.  Ryan wrote the script, stars in the video and explains how to be mentally prepared and focused, whether it’s soccer, another sport, school work or any aspect of life.

Proper diet, balancing sport with education, mental focus, it’s all part of the video.

And if you were wondering, Ryan is a straight A student.

So if you happen to be watching the World Cup in 2030, don’t at all be surprised if you see Ryan Fernandez of Union City competing for Team USA.  His mom says that’s his first goal.  The Olympics, a professional soccer contract and stardom would likely follow.


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