Update on Hoboken Construction Projects

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has provided an update on the various construction and quality of life projects that are underway in the City.

Below is an update on various quality of life improvements and construction projects in the City of Hoboken (attached picture is construction on the 1 million gallon underground detention system at the Northwest Resiliency Park to help reduce flooding).

Water Main Upgrades

The City continues with the first phase of its water main replacement project, which will replace a total of 15 blocks, or 7,000 linear feet of Hoboken’s oldest water mains. The following activities are anticipated the week of 6/22 to 6/26:

– Tuesday 6/23/2020 thru Thursday 6/26/2020: Garden Street between 12th and 14th Street will be closed at times between the hours of 8 AM – 4 PM for installation of new water main.

– On Friday 6/26/2020 they plan to perform pressure testing and water sampling on Garden Street between 12th and 14th Street.

– On Tuesday 6/23, Thursday 6/25 and Friday 6/26 they will be installing subsurface storage drainage unit at Garden/4th Street. The intersection will be closed during excavation and installation.

– On Wednesday 6/24 thru Friday 6/26 they will be installing subsurface storage drainage units at Garden/Observer Street. The intersection will be closed during the excavation and installation.

The construction of the water mains utilizes low interest and interest free loans from the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank and does not use funding from the 2020 municipal budget. In 2019, the City entered into a contract with SUEZ that now provides for $33 million in water main upgrades through 2034, with an average of $2.2 million invested every year. More information about the water infrastructure upgrades project is available at https://www.hobokennj.gov/resources/drinking-water-infrastructure-upgrades-phase-1

8th and Jackson St/Clinton St Road Improvements

This road improvement project includes paving of Clinton Street from Newark to 6th Street and 7th to 8th Street and Jackson Street from 8th to 9th Street (completed).  Funding is from the 2019 capital budget.

– Construction of corner sidewalk ramps will begin on Tuesday, 6/23/20 and continue through Friday, 6/26, with construction of corner sidewalk ramps at 3rd Street through 8th Street.  No streets will be closed for this work.

– Drainage work at Jackson Street between 8th and 9th Street is tentatively scheduled to resume on Thursday, 6/25 and Friday, 6/26. Jackson Street between 8th and 9th and 8th Street between Jackson and Monroe Streets may be closed to traffic.

Grand St/7th St Road Improvements

This road improvement project includes paving of Grand Street from Newark to 3rd Street and from 8th to 9th Street; 7th Street from Monroe to Clinton and from Garden to Hudson Streets; and 12th Street from Adams Street to Willow Avenue.  This project is funded by a grant from the NJ Department of Transportation.

– Construction of corner sidewalk ramps will begin on Tuesday, 6/23/20 at 3rd and Grand Streets. The contractor will construct ramps on the east side Grand St. and work his way north toward 9th replacing ADA ramps and curb at the intersections. He will then do the same on the west side.  No streets will be closed for these operations.

Northwest Resiliency Park

Construction continues on the 5-acre Northwest Resiliency Park, which will be New Jersey’s largest resiliency park. The park will have above and below ground infrastructure to withhold up to 2 million gallons of rainwater to help mitigate local flooding. The following activities are anticipated this week:

– Pile driving will continue through the week. Please note that this is an inherently noisy activity. There may also be some vibration felt in conjunction with this work.  For more information about the noise and vibration monitoring protocols in place, visit the Noise and Vibration sections on the Construction Updates page of the project website www.hobokennj.gov/nwpark.

– The contractor will take delivery of materials and begin constructing formwork and placing reinforcing steel for the base slab of the one million gallon tank.

– The dewatering and treatment system for the tank excavation will continue to operate 24 hours per day.

The City uses a combination of low interest and interest-free loans, principal forgiveness for the resiliency features, and grant money to save over $19 million over the life of the project. The Northwest Resiliency Park also utilizes the Open Space Trust Fund to pay for the construction costs of the Northwest Park and is not utilizing any funding from the 2020 municipal budget.

More information about the Northwest Resiliency Park construction is available at www.hobokennj.gov/nwpark 

Elysian Park Playground Safety Surface

The northern entrance to Elysian Park at the corner of Hudson Street and Sinatra Drive will be closed on Wednesday 6/24 for removal of the safety surface in one playground area. A new drainage system will be installed in the playground area, followed by a new synthetic turf playground safety surface.

South Waterfront Walkway Rehabilitation

The South Waterfront Walkway Rehabilitation project will continue, with resetting pavers along the walkway next week. A new irrigation system has been installed and trees have been planted. After the pavers are reset, benches will be installed in future weeks.

More information about the South Waterfront Walkway Rehabilitation Project is available at https://www.hobokennj.gov/resources/south-waterfront-improvements

**The protection of each construction site, workers, and the general public are of the utmost priority. Contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, and suppliers are following CDC guidelines and employer policies for COVID-19 protection.**