Earlier this evening, the United States House of Representatives sent an Article of Impeachment to the US Senate, as the formal process to prevent former President Donald Trump from ever holding elective office again moved forward.

The trial against the ex-President will begin on February 8.  The House formally impeached Trump on January 13, one week after his supporters laid siege on the United States Capitol. as the process of ratifying the Electoral College votes and Joe Biden’s election victory was underway.  Trump is charged with crimes against the Government and inciting insurrection.

Congressman Albio Sires issued the following statement after the House presented the Senate with the Article of Impeachment shortly after 7 pm:

“Earlier today, the House sent an article of impeachment to the Senate against former President Donald Trump, charged with high crimes and misdemeanors against the Government of the United States. As we move into the next phase of the impeachment process, we must remember one of the founding ideals of this great nation, that all people are treated equally under the law. We must adhere to this principle and ensure the protection of our Constitution and democratic institutions moving forward. I hope my colleagues in the Senate will recognize the seriousness of these charges and act in the best interest of our country.”

The Senate trial was delayed to allow Trump’s attorneys to adequately prepare a defense.  Two-thirds of the Senate must vote in the affirmative in order to convict the former President.