Water Prices Draw Concern in Bayonne

     Frustrations are mounting over the water rates in Bayonne, drawing attention to the Suez Water Company’s contract with the city. Residents are actively seeking for lower prices with petitions containing hundreds of signatures. On average, the water bills have risen by about $300 since Covid-19 struck the world. Concerns within the people of the city are growing, and it’s not a reach to think many residents will not be able to afford living there much longer.

     With times of financial struggle, these increased water prices could not have come at a worst time.  Representatives of Suez met with city council members who inquired of a buyout. The buyout however, would be over $300 Million according to Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski.  Bayonne finds itself in the ninth year of its forty year contract with Suez. Perhaps signaling no end in sight to the ongoing increase in prices.


  1. With hard times we worried about taking long showers, and the worst thing we can’t afford it.

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