Weehawken Council Adopts Resolution To Acquire Waterfront Property From NY Waterway

On Wednesday night, the Weehawken Township Council voted 4-0 with Councilman David Curtis absent, to adopt a resolution calling for studies to be done to acquire a parcel of waterfront property from NY Waterway which would be transformed into a promenade.

The parcel is located at the ferry company’s maintenance terminal, which is located at the foot of Pershing Road, 4800 Avenue at Port Imperial.

According to Mayor Richard Turner, the resolution begins the process of looking into the condemnation of the property.  The township currently has a promenade located just to the north of the site, and it wants to extend it to the site at the base of Pershing Road by Pershing Park.  A waterfront walkway already exists at the location.

Turner says Weehawken should not be the only municipality “stuck” with NY Waterway’s maintenance facility.  It has to be a regional solution for that operation.  The recent three-year lease of the Union Dry Dock site between Hoboken and NY Waterway, with a two-year extension, could allow for that regional approach to the maintenance facility.