In a few days, first and second graders at the Daniel Webster School in Weehawken will hold a concert for their classmates.  Then they will perform for their families and friends the following day.

This is the first time the children will be performing for their classmates.  The grade levels will each perform a couple of songs, mostly Disney I am told, and then both grades will do a song together.

Following the concert for their fellow students, family and friends will be invited to attend the concert the following day.

              In addition, Weehawken’s other elementary school, Theodore Roosevelt, will also put on a concert featuring first and second graders on Friday, May 17th.

Webster School music teacher Zach Wang told Hudson TV it’s important school districts provide arts and music education in their curriculums, especially for students in the lower grade levels, and he’s happy to be employed by a district which believes in giving students the chance to appreciate the arts and allows kids the opportunity to express themselves.



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