West New York Forward Campaign Defends Signature Discrepancy Amid Accusations of Misleading Claims

West New York, N.J. – The Sires Team for WNY is demanding answers and transparency from the West New York Forward campaign after they claimed yesterday to have over 12,000 signed nominating petitions. In reality, Cirillo and his team only filed 2,500 total petitions with the Town Clerk’s office, and the remainder of the petitions he claims to have gathered are a total mystery.

“West New York Forward Team has always and will always stand for the residents of our town. We are proud of the efforts we have made during the petition period and have had the opportunity to meet thousands of West New York residents and business leaders who support our vision for a Better West New York,” said the Cirillo campaign in response to the allegations.

“Our opponents should know that our state statute only requires that the town clerk validate 241 petitions for each candidate to reach the threshold to appear on the ballot. Thinking of our public resources, our team thought it was prudent to deliver enough valid petitions to ensure our candidates are valid to run for public office.”

The statement goes on to explain that the campaign wanted to protect the privacy of their supporters by not revealing the personal information of thousands of private citizens who support their team but are fearful of retaliation by their counterparts. “Making our supporters’ information public may expose them to a vulnerability that we would prefer to avoid,” the statement reads.

The Cirillo team concluded their statement by saying that they will continue their outreach throughout the campaign to ensure that every resident’s voice is heard. “Our goal is to create more accessibility to the Mayor’s Office, provide crucial parking relief, build a state-of-the-art recreation center for the residents of our community, and other initiatives that we will be announcing in the near future,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Sires Team is calling on the West New York Forward campaign to come clean with the people of West New York and explain why they claimed to have obtained 12,000 petitions when only a fraction of that number were actually submitted to the Town Clerk. They are demanding transparency and accountability from the opposition.

The Hudson County View reported that Cosmo Cirillo claimed to have submitted 12,000 signatures. However, the Sires Team alleges that only a fraction of that number was actually submitted, leaving the whereabouts of the remaining petitions a mystery.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the upcoming mayoral race in West New York, but one thing is for sure – transparency and accountability will be at the forefront of voters’ minds as they head to the polls.


Shocking Discrepancy in Petition Signatures Claimed by Cosmo Cirillo’s Team: Sires Team Demands Answers

The Sires Team for West New York (WNY) is demanding answers from the WNY Forward campaign, led by Cosmo Cirillo, after it was discovered that only 2,500 out of the claimed 12,000 signed nominating petitions were submitted to the Town Clerk’s office. The discrepancy has raised suspicions about the transparency of the WNY Forward campaign.

In response to the discrepancy, the Sires Team has called for Cirillo and his team to explain the situation and provide proof of the additional 9,500 petition signatures that were not submitted. The team has also suggested allowing an independent authority to inspect the missing petitions.

“Cosmo Cirillo and his team need to come clean with the people of West New York and explain why they said they have obtained 12,000 petitions when only a fraction of that number were actually submitted to the Town Clerk. If the rest of these petitions they say they have gathered actually exist, they should prove it by allowing the media or an independent authority to inspect them. The WNY Forward team is playing games with the people of West New York,” said Sires Team spokesman Phil Swibinski.

The Sires Team has filed a total of 15,000 petitions, all of which were submitted through the normal process and are now public record. The team is proud to have its many supporters throughout the community be publicly known.

HudsonTV has reached out to Cirillo and his team for comments on the matter but has not received a response at the time of publishing this article. The discrepancy has caused concern among residents of West New York, who deserve transparency and honesty from their political leaders.


  1. Is Sires that worried about Cosmo that he has to resolve to petty bullshyt? Get over yourself old man n retire. WNY dont want a guy that bully’s you into signing his petitions

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