When it first opened more than two decades ago, it was seen as an innovative idea to create more parking for city residents living uptown.  Off street parking in a secure, European-style parking garage.  Technologically-advanced, safe and a regular parking spot for those residents willing to pay the fee.

No more driving around and around and around after work, or an evening out, or any other time of the day.  Your parking space, no question about it.

Well, how times have changed.

Today, 916 Garden Street is an antique.  It’s nowhere near capacity and the city says the time has come to decide what to do with this once, unique, parking location.

Today, Hoboken launched an online public survey to gather community feedback on the automated municipal parking garage which has reached the end of its useful life due in part to aging technology and internal infrastructure that is largely obsolete.

The garage, which initially opened in 2002 as a prototype to store over 300 vehicles, would require a significant retrofit to continue operating as an automated parking garage, as it currently only serves 105 residents due in part to limitations with the system’s antiquated, mechanical equipment.

The City has hired an expert to develop a feasibility study to evaluate alternatives for the site. Alternatives could include retrofitting the software that operates the facility and all mechanical equipment in the garage, selling the property, a change in use of the property to something other than parking, or some combination of these options.

Survey responses will be used to inform the City’s decision-making process regarding the property’s future.

The City hopes residents will take the time to complete the survey.  To take the online survey and provide input, go to https://arcg.is/148aTC0.

The City’s Department of Transportation and Parking will also provide current garage users with a separate online survey regarding their user experience via email.