WNY Holds Job Fair

Hudson TV’s Marcos Antelo attended Wednesday afternoon’s West New York-sponsored job fair.  He filed the following article:

    On Wednesday, May 26th, the Town of West New York would host a job fair. The event would take place in the town’s Community Center, located at 515 54th street. With a run time of 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The Job Fair would provide a number of different jobs for those needing work in the community. These jobs included Park Security Officers, Laborers for parks and DPW, Parking Enforcement, and a number of other job opportunities.
    A great gesture to say the least, on behalf of Town Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and others. This will provide residents of the community with the number one right of a citizen, which is the ability to go out and provide for their family and themselves.. As more and more people of the community showed up at today’s job fair seeking opportunity, it is safe to say the Town of West New York is in a better place than it was yesterday. Gradual steps towards building a solid foundation for the community..


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