West New York officials and educators gathered at an empty lot in West New York, New Jersey to announce plans for the construction of a new middle school. The lot, which was originally purchased by the School Development Authority for the purpose of expanding overcrowded classes, has sat empty for years. However, the community leaders in West New York have come together to make the long-awaited project a reality.

The announcement was made by Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez, who stated that the new school is a promise that the community has been working on for some time. The densely populated area of West New York has a limited amount of space, and within that space are the community’s children. As a community, it is their duty and responsibility to provide these children with the best level of education possible.

The new school will serve as a state-of-the-art educational facility for students in grades six through eight. The current middle school in West New York is overcrowded and was only intended to host a maximum of 785 students. However, it currently has 1100 students, which means that students do not have access to the facilities they need to succeed in their education.

The new school will have dedicated spaces for instrumental music classes and steam lessons, as well as space for students to learn skills for future careers that have yet to be invented. The plan is to move the sixth graders from the elementary schools to the new middle school, freeing up space in the elementary schools and allowing the new middle school to accommodate between 650 to 700 students.

Superintendent Clara Herrera stated that the school district had assessed the needs of the school district and determined that the new middle school was the priority. She praised the announcement, stating that the school would provide West New York’s children with the education they deserved.

The cost of the new school was not announced, but the School Development Authority is set to foot the bill. This means that there will be no cost to the taxpayer in West New York.

The announcement was made alongside the endorsement of the board of education candidates for the upcoming April 25th election. The endorsed slate of candidates is known as “Your Children’s Future” and includes Henry Kodina, Ailen Jover, Sandra Pfeil, and Stephanie Gonzalez. All of the candidates are graduates of West New York’s school system and have a background in education or public service.

Congressman and West New York candidate for Mayor Albio Sires also spoke at the event, stating that the new school was a long-awaited promise that he had been fighting for. Sires is a product of West New York’s school system and believes that education is what helped him achieve his goals. He spoke highly of the board of education candidates, stating that they would work tirelessly to ensure that West New York’s children received the best possible education.

The event was attended by a number of officials and educators, including Vice President Jonathan Castaneda, trustee Jose Ruben Mendoza, trustee Anna Sanchez, and the two sitting trustees who will be running for re-election, Ailen Jover and Sandra Pfeil. The group entertained questions from the media, including inquiries about the cost of the new school and the timeline for its construction.

Overall, the announcement of the new middle school is a promising development for the West New York community. The state-of-the-art facility will provide students with the education they need to succeed and will alleviate overcrowding in the district’s existing middle school. With the support of the School Development Authority and community leaders like Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and Congressman Albio Sires, the future looks bright for West New York’s students.


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