Woman Applying for Rent Assistance in Bayonne is Arrested after Presenting Fraudulent Records

Bayonne assault and arrest

A 63-year-old Bayonne woman was arrested for fraud and other charges when she tried to apply for rent assistance at the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation.

Diarye Nzaken  was taken into custody on 03/16/2021, a representative of the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation reported that Nzaken, inquired about assistance with her rent that was about $22,000.00 in arrears.  The documents that she presented seemed fraudulently altered and Nzaken was denied assistance. 

The investigation conducted by the Bayonne Police Detective Bureau led to Nzaken being charged with the following:

Attempted Theft by Deception

Forgery (2 counts)

Falsifying Records


  1. The reporter should learn proper English or have to use spellchecker. “FRAUDENTLY” Should read “Fraudulent ” what a disgrace!

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