During a ceremony held in City Hall in Jersey City this morning, Mayor Steven Fulop joined with Public Safety and Fire Department officials in promoting eleven members of the Department.  1 Deputy Chief, 5 Battalion Chiefs, and 5 Captains received promotions.

The new leadership promotions are as follows:

  • Deputy Chief                                                                                                        Joseph DiTommaso
  • Battalion Chief                                                                                                Christopher Daliani                                                                                              Peter Nowak                                                                                                       Kevin Child                                                                                                      Jeffrey Batt                                                                                                       Daniel Dornacker Jr.
  • Captain                                                                                                           Christopher Russell                                                                                              Erik Dolaghan                                                                                                 Nicholas Laietta                                                                                                  John Calderone                                                                                              Matthew Weisman

During the ceremony, Mayor Fulop stated, “If you look at our fire department over the past 10 years, the department numbers and ranks have grown substantially.  We have proudly promoted a lot of firefighters, and it is a privilege to add new leadership today to the best fire department in New Jersey and beyond.”

Fire Chief Stephan Drennan added, “I have spent my whole life in Jersey City, and it is exciting to see what is happening here with the new high rises, people moving and raising their families here.  With that comes the responsibility of caring for all the people who reside, travel through, and work here.  That’s what we pledge to do.  That’s the responsibility we take, and our fire department does an outstanding job.”