125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence Celebrated With Flag Raising in Bayonne

A special and first-ever event for the city of Bayonne.

Bayonne officials joined members of the city’s Filipino-American community at a Philippine flag-raising ceremony at City Hall on Thursday.  They were joined by Adrian Cruz, the Deputy Consul General of the Republic of the Philippines Consulate in Manhattan.  The event is believed to be the first known ceremony for the flag of the Philippines in Bayonne.  The event celebrated the 125th anniversary of the Philippines’ declaration of independence in June 1898.

The program was chaired by local businesswoman and Rotarian Melissa Enriquez-Rada.  The flag was raised by Deputy Consul Cruz, who said this was the first time he had done so.  Naomi DeLeon sang Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem of the Philippines.  Melody Del Rosario, the Musical Director of the Global Harvest Fellowship, sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

Mayor Jimmy Davis thanked Enriquez-Rada for organizing the event.  He noted that Filipinos are very involved with their children, schools, and churches.  Mayor Davis called Filipinos “all community-oriented.” 

Deputy Consul Cruz described the connections between the United States and the Philippines as “deep and robust.” He said that overseas Filipinos have taken the lead in celebrating the anniversary of his country’s proclamation of independence. Mr. Cruz said that Filipinos comprise the second largest Asian group in the United States. 

The flag-raising ceremony also included a display of artwork by Justine Enriquez.