1st annual Guttenberg Community Job Fair a great success

For their first annual Job Fair, Guttenberg can definitely call it a success with a great turnout and job seekers ready to find out where their skills may take them. 

The town organized this in collaboration with North Hudson Community Action and vendors talked jobs and what it all means in this market.

“It is a fast-paced job, it is going to push you to your limits,” says Oliver Vasquez, from UPS. “But if you’re into it and you 100 percent don’t want to give up, this is a job where it could be going.”  

So many people are looking for work.

“Is that number real actual but as much as we can do here to help, we want to help as much as we can,” says Mayor Wayne Zitt.

The largest home improvement retailer in the United States that supplies tools, construction products, and services is hiring at the North Bergen store.

“Right now actually when it comes to Home Depot, we’re actually really grateful to have the opportunity to reward a lot of different candidates; especially in this season, when we’re getting ready for the spring,” says North Bergen Home Depot’s Human Resources Manager, Alessandra Aranibar.

According to Aranibar, normally candidates fill out an application online.

“This will help us have that one on one conversation and make sure they actually contact the store directly so that we can schedule an interview,” the HR Manager says.  

Home care services allow seniors to remain safely in their own home while receiving medical care or assistance with personal care and other daily tasks.

“It’s a temporary agency but technically we’re a certified home health aide agency,” says Angela Rudas, of Always Caring Health Care Services. “So right now what we’re looking for are certified home health aides and registered nurses.”

Oliver started working for UPS a few years ago and he says it’s impacted his life so being given the opportunity to be at the job fair and impact someone else’s life is everything.

“We are people led, customer first. We definitely believe that always innovation is always coming to the world and we try to take best advantage of what we have, better ourselves and just better the community, just better everybody’s life — one package at a time,” Vasquez says. 

There was a line waiting to connect with employers when the doors opened, so know that you are not alone and your next career possibility awaits.

“We tend to forget that there are still a lot of people looking for work and could kind of use that little helping hand to get a leg up on the competition,” Councilman John Habermann says. “So when we found out about this, this was something that everybody signed up for and we were 100 percent behind.”

Registering with Always Caring Health Care Services offers you competitive pay, flexible hours — you can pretty much make your own schedule. So you just want to work on the weekends…

“No problem. You just want to work part-time, maybe in the evenings so you could be home with your kids, it’s no problem either,” Rudas says. “So I think with staffing agencies, it kind of opens up opportunities for you that you might not necessarily have with a more rigid, 9 to 5.”

This was a much needed and well-received event in Guttenberg, with North Hudson Community Action’s Rebecca Acosta reaching out to all these vendors they do business with. 

“From food vendors to police departments to New Jersey Transit to Amazon, I mean you name it — it’s a good variety of different careers that you could look into here and jobs,” the mayor says. “It’s good; because hopefully everybody reaches out to somebody.”


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