Beginning May 11th, Tickets will be Issued for Street Sweeping Violators in Bayonne

Wednesday night’s coronavirus update from the City of Bayonne shows 216 residents have recovered, but an 87-year old man has passed away from the virus:

Office of Emergency Management
City of Bayonne, NJ
COVID-19 UPDATE 5/6/2020
Mayor Davis has directed OEM to keep residents informed on all the latest information
related to this health emergency.
Mayor Davis has informed us that Bayonne has lost another resident to Coronavirus-
related illness, as an 87yr old male has passed away. This death brings our city total up to 56 people that have died due to this pandemic. Mayor Davis expresses his
condolences, on behalf of all of Bayonne, to the family of the deceased man.
Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive – 696*
The number above reflects only the Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY
COVID-19 Positive.  We have 216 Bayonne residents that are considered recovered. Recovered patients, according to the CDC, no longer have to isolate or be reported.
The State of NJ and the City of Bayonne HAVE NO REQUIREMENT TO WEAR A MASK WHEN OUTDOORS.  Masks may be worn outdoors, if you choose, and should be worn outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Masks MUST be worn indoors when shopping.
Bayonne Medical Center is conducting testing each weekday at Veterans Stadium. All doctors within the city can schedule their patients for testing at this site. Only patients with a valid appointment for a test will be tested. Only symptomatic people will be tested.
Alternate Recycling Pickup continues this week. Please put out plastic/glass/cans during your normal recycling day pick up. Also, all trash/recycling should be put out curbside the NIGHT PRIOR as the collection may start as early as 3am on scheduled days. Next week (beginning 5/11) you will put out cardboard/paper on your normally scheduled recycling day.
The City of Bayonne has begun enforcement of Street Sweeping regulations again. Vehicles not moved for the sweeper this week will be issued a warning, and beginning on May 11th, actual summonses will be issued. All other suspended parking regulations will REMAIN SUSPENDED (meter, pay lot, residential zone) until further notice.


  1. That’s good to know. I was wondering why I was seeing the street sweeper passing through even though none of the cars were moved to the other side of the street. But everybody is at home so where exactly would they be able to move their cars to? I know that in my one-way street we don’t have the space to double park, especially with everyone stuck at home. And I don’t see how this would help with the pandemic because people would be coming outside at the same days just to move their cars which would make all of them get in contact with each other. Some of these people are those that the virus is fatal towards. It ruins the point of their safety if they got to worry about moving their cars to avoid getting fine for. Which again everybody is staying home, more so those with nonessential jobs don’t have the money to pay those tickets.

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