$8.5 Million In Open Space Trust Fund Awards Recommended In All 12 Hudson County Municipalities

Photo Courtesy County of Hudson

Hudson County Executive Craig Guy has announced Open Space Trust Fund awards, and every municipality in the county has at least one project recipient.  A total of 24 projects are being awarded, the most ever for a single calendar year in Hudson County.

Guy announced recommendations for allocating $8,498,822 from the Hudson County Open Space, Recreation and Historical Preservation Trust Fund for 2024.  The recommendations were made with the assistance of the Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Board.  The awards will fund projects, such as safety upgrades, green space improvements, and playground enhancements.  These recommendations will come up for a vote before the Hudson County Board of County Commissioners on September 26, 2024.

The County Executive stated, “The Hudson County Open Space, Recreation and Historical Preservation Trust Fund was created to ensure Hudson County’s open spaces and parks are adequately supported to make the necessary upgrades, repairs, and connections surrounding communities need to enjoy and access these areas.  The County is proud to support all 12 municipalities throughout the development of these 24 projects, the largest number of awarded projects ever, that will provide the proper infrastructure Hudson County residents deserve in their playgrounds, dog parks, skate parks, waterfronts, recreation centers and much more.”

“When parents and families bring their children to city parks throughout Hudson County, they know they have the best of the best equipment to keep them safe. Under the County Executive’s new leadership, the mayors of the 12 municipalities within Hudson have worked together to meet the needs of residents,” said Chairman of the Hudson County Board of Commissioners, Anthony Romano.

Several Mayors weighed in upon hearing the announcement from the County Executive.

“The City of Bayonne would like to thank the County for the funding to extend the Waterfront Walkway by 800 feet along the southern side of the former Military Ocean Terminal. We are also grateful to the County for assisting us in replacing worn-out rubber surfacing and exercise equipment at Veterans’ Park. Both of these projects will improve recreation and the quality of life in Bayonne,” said Mayor of Bayonne, Jimmy Davis.

Guttenberg Mayor Wayne Zitt added, “I am extremely grateful to the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund for helping to secure grants for increased open space initiatives throughout our community.  This year is no exception, we plan to continue to work with the County to create new open space opportunities for our residents.”

“The Town of Harrison, like most municipalities in Hudson County, relies heavily upon neighborhood playgrounds.  Not only do these havens provide convenient and safe environments for our children to play, exercise and socialize, they allow parents to network and discuss topics important to the community.  The Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund provides the money needed to maintain and expand Harrison’s playgrounds, ensuring countless hours of enjoyment by residents.  With the ever-increasing costs of construction, the Trust Fund is needed now more than ever,” said Harrison Mayor James Fife.

Michael Gonnelli, Mayor of Secaucus, added, “I am so thankful to learn that we will be receiving a substantial Open Space Grant, which will provide funding to completely upgrade Ivanoski Park with all new equipment and surfacing. Not only will the park receive significant upgrades, it will be all inclusive!  My sincere thanks go out to Craig Guy and the County’s Open Space team.”

For photos of the recommended Open Space project sites, click here.

For the story map of the Open Space projects and the Board’s 2024 Recommendations Report, click here.



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