FBI Visits Union City Junior Police Academy

Members of the FBI’s Newark Division visited the Junior Police Academy in Union City on Tuesday.  They are one of several law enforcement agencies attending the weeklong, instructional camp for youngsters at the Jose Marti STEM Academy.  The FBI discussed counter-terrorism with the attendees, as well as the growing problem of sextortion.

The Academy has 25 students in grades six and higher, with antother 25 scheduled to attend next week.  Those attending have a strong interest in law enforcement and possible careers in the many fields associated with law enforcement after they graduate high school or college.

Among the agencies scheduled to visit the Academy throughout the week are the U.S. Air Marshall, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, who will present a forensic science demonstration, and the Union City Police Motorcycle Squad.  Members of the school district spoke about the dangers of vaping on Tuesday.

The participants will visit the Statue of Liberty later this week.

The go through daily physical training and are learning military drills.

The FBI told the attendees that as long as you are 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen and have no criminal record or record of illegal drug use, you can apply.  A college degree is not necessary, however, in order to be a special FBI Agent, you must have a college degree.

In total, worldwide, there are 37,000 FBI employees, 13,000 being special Agents.  As a comparison, the New York City Police Department has 50,000 employees and officers.



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