8 People Seek Jersey City School Board Seats

There will be eight candidates on the November 8th Jersey City Board of Education ballot seeking one of three, open school trustee seats, including incumbent Vernon Alexander Hamilton, who goes by his middle name, the same as the historic American statesman of more than 200 years ago.

Three years ago Hamilton was initially disqualified from running by the Hudson County Clerk because he did not use his full name, but he ultimately prevailed and won a seat on the Board.  Now he’s seeking re-election as one of eight candidates.

The complete list of trustee candidates for the Jersey City Board of Education is as follows:

  • Alexander Hamilton — Change for Children
  • Doris Toni Ervin — Change for Children
  • Kenny Reyes — Change for Children
  • Noemi Velazquez — Education Matters
  • Afaf Muhammad — Education Matters
  • Christopher Tisdale — Education Matters
  • Isnel Sanon — Voice for Progress
  • Ahsan Nawaz — No slogan listed