911 Emergency Dispatch Calls For Harrison Will Be Handled By Bergen County Beginning In 2024

Harrison’s 911 emergency dispatch system has been in need of repairs for some time.  According to a report on nj.com/hudson, Harrison Mayor James Fife says the costs to keep the system running properly were going to cost the municipality around $1 million.  That isn’t going to be necessary, however.

Mayor Fife says Harrison officials visited Bergen County’s state-of-the-art 911 dispatch locations in Paramus and Mahwah on numerous occasions.  Officials were so impressed they decided that, beginning early in 2024, Harrison will outsource 911 emergency calls through the Bergen County operation.

As for the cost to outsource, nj.com is reporting that Harrison will spend three quarters of a million dollars in the first year.  With an annual fee increase of 2.75%, Harrison will be paying almost $960,000 for the 911 service by 2033.

As for the town’s 911 emergency dispatchers, they declined the opportunity to travel to Bergen County to keep their jobs, so Harrison is looking to place them in other positions.