A Culinary Challenge At UCHS, Students vs. Cops vs. Firefighters

Call it the Battle of the Kitchen, a culinary cook off between students at Union City High School enrolled in the culinary arts curriculum, and members of North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue and the local Police Department for bragging rights.  Who are the best chefs in the city?

The competition led to some friendly trash talking, mostly between, actually totally between the police and firefighters.  The was the intimidating inclusion of donuts for the police officers, a “gift” from the Fire Department.  As I said, trash talking and shady tactics.  The culinary students wanted no part in that silliness.  They were determined to win the competition.

Each group had four participants cooking three courses.  They had to make a smoothie using strawberries.  For this category the judges had assistance, as other students, members of the public and school officials, each voted, with the sinning smoothie adding two additional points to the overall score of the winning team.

Then an appetizer had be be created and an entree had to be cooked by each of the three teams using the same ingredients.

              The winning team of the competition is not important (don’t tell that to the police or fire departments). The experience achieved, especially by the culinary students, made the cook off a tremendous learning tool for the students.

Don’t be surprised if this competition becomes an annual event.  After all, the __________ need their revenge!!