After Car Is Impounded, NY Man Impersonates Police Officer, Bites Bayonne Cops & Auto Shop Employees

After learning his car had been impounded by the Bayonne Police Department because it was illegally parked in a work zone where signs were clearly posted, a 33-year old man from Jamaica, New York was arrested by police, but not before impersonating a New York City police officer, attacking several Bayonne police officers and several employees of a local auto store.

According to Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato, Adeyemi S. Adebola Jr. was taken into custody on Friday morning at 9:08 in the area of 47th Street and Broadway.  When Adebola approached an officer directing traffic at the work zone to ask where the car was, he was told it had been impounded.

According to Amato, the suspect become irate and demanded the officer return his car, showing him a gold “detective-style” badge and telling him he was a New York City policeman.  Several more Bayonne police arrived, and Adebola was told how he could retrieve his vehicle from the impound lot.

Amato says he then left, but he returned several minutes later, telling police he had spoken with the towing company, but he was extremely dissatisfied with what he had been told.  Bayonne Police then called the towing company.  They were told Adebola had been very rude when he was told by a towing company employee what the process was to get his car back.

As police repeated what the tow company told them regarding the process to retrieve his car, Adebola once again became irate, clinching his fists.  He was then placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.  As police were placing the suspect in a patrol car, he grabbed an officer’s arm and dug his fingernails into the officer’s wrist, causing an open wound.

Amato says this is when the officers found Adebola’s identification and the badge, which was determined not to be a police badge.  He was taken to headquarters and processed, also being charged with aggravated assault on an officer and impersonating a law enforcement official.

Adebola continued being belligerent, kicking his shoes off in the direction of the police officers, and, once in his holding cell, he threw toilet water at the officers, cursing and threatening the police all the while.

After police released Adebola on a summons, they were dispatched to Russell’s Auto Body shop at 64 W. 22nd Street, where they found several people on the ground subduing Adebola.  The three men were employees of the auto shop.  They told police Adebola had entered their business believing his car was there.  Amato says the employees told him where his impounded car was and he needed to contact the towing business in order to retrieve it.

Once again the suspect became enraged.  Amato says employees intervened to try and calm the suspect, but as he was being escorted out of the business, Adebola swung his fist and a fight began.  Adebola bit two employees, causing a deep laceration to the hand of one and a minor cut to the nose of another employee.

The suspect, for the second time, was arrested, but this time he was taken to the Bayonne Medical Center for treatment, before heading back to Bayonne Police headquarters for processing.  After Adebola was complaining of pain, it was back to the Medical Center for treatment.

Captain Amato says, at this time, Adebola once again became uncooperative, biting two officers as they tried to handcuff him for transport to the Hudson County Jail in Kearny.  He was ultimately subdued and taken to the County Jail.

In addition to the above mentioned charges, Adebola faces six counts of aggravated assault and terrorist threats.