After Davis Fails To Show at Bayonne Mayoral Debate, Ashe-Nadrowski & Dr. Brown Say They Will Not Participate in Thursday Debate

Last night, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis did not participate in a live, mayoral debate held at a local school in Bayonne with an audience in attendance.  Today, Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski and Dr. Mitchell Brown, the other candidates running for Mayor who both participated in last night’s event, announced they will not take part in tomorrow night’s televised debate by the Hudson Media Group.

                              Tomorrow’s debate is taking place in the Hudson Media Group’s North Bergen studio, hosted by veteran political reporter Al Sullivan.  Mayor Davis has committed to attend that debate, which will have no studio audience.

Ashe-Nadrowski and Dr. Brown issued the following joint statement, clearly expressing disappointment with the Mayor for ducking the residents of Bayonne and not agreeing to debate the issues face to face in front of the public.

Joint Statement Issued by Bayonne Mayoral Candidates Sharon Ashe Nadrowski and Dr. Mitchell Brown

For Immediate Release: April 27, 2022 (BAYONNE) 一 The following joint statement was released today by both Mayoral candidates Sharon Ashe Nadrowski and Dr. Mitchell Brown with regard to Mayor Davis ducking an open public debate held at Oresko School in Bayonne streamed live on social media, and broadcast on local TV:

“We’re running against each other for Mayor of Bayonne. We disagree on a lot of issues. But what we can agree on is that Bayonne deserves open, transparent, direct conversation about the issues that matter to Bayonne residents and taxpayers. There’s no question about it, Bayonne deserves a fighter. On Tuesday evening, we engaged in a live-streamed, televised debate right here in Bayonne at Nicholas Oresko school, in front of a live Bayonne audience. While all three mayoral candidates were invited to participate in this debate, Mayor Davis decided not to show up. By ducking this debate, Mayor Davis dismissed the serious concerns of Bayonne voters, and disrespected every resident and taxpayer of the city.

Instead of debating live and in-person in Bayonne, Mayor Davis is only willing to show up at a debate miles from Bayonne in a closed studio in North Hudson, with no audience, and under questionable pretenses. Bayonne deserves better. Bayonne deserves a mayor who isn’t afraid to look them in the eye.

Again, while we disagree on many things, we agree that our time is best spent speaking directly with members of our community where they live – right here in Bayonne. That’s why today, we are announcing that we will not be attending this closed door, backroom debate outside of Bayonne. If Mayor Davis chooses to sit alone and speak into a screen, and not even do it in the city that he serves, he’s confirming what we all already know – how out of touch he actually is with the residents of Bayonne.

Whatever your choice is for Mayor, we encourage you to come out and vote on May 10th. As a reminder, early voting starts on May 6th and will continue May 7th and May 8th at Bayonne City Hall. Thank you.”