Amalgamated Transit Union Gives Endorsement to Steven Fulop for Governor

In a significant development in the political landscape, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) has officially thrown its support behind Steven Fulop in his bid for the governorship. The union, which represents thousands of transit workers across the state, announced its endorsement as Fulop’s campaign gains momentum ahead of the upcoming elections.

ATU’s decision to endorse Fulop reflects their confidence in his ability to champion the interests and rights of transit workers, a crucial and integral part of New Jersey’s transportation system. With their endorsement, ATU is signaling its belief that Fulop possesses the qualities necessary to lead the state in a manner that prioritizes the needs of both workers and the public.

Steven Fulop, currently serving as the Mayor of Jersey City, has long been a strong advocate for labor rights and fair treatment of workers. His tenure has been marked by initiatives aimed at improving the lives of public employees and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work. Fulop’s track record in supporting transit infrastructure projects and expanding transportation options further resonates with ATU’s goals of enhancing the quality of transit services across the state.

ATU President, John Costa, expressed the union’s endorsement as a result of Fulop’s consistent commitment to supporting transit workers. Costa cited Fulop’s history of collaboration with labor unions and his dedication to addressing the concerns of workers, as well as his vision for a modern and efficient transportation system.

The endorsement from ATU is expected to provide a significant boost to Fulop’s campaign, amplifying his message and strengthening his position as a front-runner in the gubernatorial race. The support of a prominent labor union such as ATU demonstrates a broad base of backing and an acknowledgment of Fulop’s capacity to lead and implement policies that benefit both workers and the broader community.

As the election approaches, Fulop’s campaign is expected to leverage this endorsement to mobilize transit workers, their families, and supporters across the state. The backing of ATU not only brings the weight of their membership but also the resources and organizing capabilities that come with it, adding considerable momentum to Fulop’s campaign efforts.

With ATU’s endorsement, Steven Fulop forges ahead with strengthened support from one of New Jersey’s most influential labor unions. As the race for the governorship intensifies, Fulop’s commitment to advocating for transit workers and his vision for a prosperous future will undoubtedly be key focal points for his campaign. The endorsement underscores the alignment between Fulop’s priorities and the concerns of ATU, ensuring that the issues of transportation and labor rights remain central to the public discourse leading up to the elections.


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