Arrests In Bayonne For Weapons Possession, Drug Possession, Assault & Shoplifting

Three separate arrests were reported by the Bayonne Police Department on Sunday, April 25 according to Captain Eric Amato.    

In the first case, Shaquil D. Huggins, a 29-year old resident of Marshall Drive in Hoboken was taken into custody at 12:46 in the morning from the area of 30th Street and Avenue E.   Captain Amato says, following a stop of the vehicle Huggins was a passenger, police recovered a .38 caliber handgun and crack-cocaine from his person.  During the investigative car stop, Huggins was extremely non-compliant and refused officers’ numerous commands to keep his hands visible.

When officers asked him to exit the vehicle for the safety of all present, Huggins was very apprehensive, but eventually complied, all the time touching and attempting to conceal a fanny pack he was wearing.  After officers advised him that he was under arrest for obstruction of a governmental function, Huggins removed the fanny pack and tossed it over a nearby fence.

Amato says as officers attempted to place Huggins into handcuffs, he resisted arrest by tensing up and pushing away from the officers.  Once the officers were able to place him into handcuffs, the fanny pack was retrieved and a .38 caliber handgun loaded with hollow point bullets was recovered.  During the arrest process, it was also learned that Huggins was classified as a certain person not to possess a weapon.

He has been charged with obstructing a governmental function, resisting arrest, possession of crack-cocaine, a controlled dangerous substance, possession of certain bullets, unlawful possession of a handgun, possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose and being a person not permitted to possess a weapon.

In the second arrest on Sunday, Captain Amato says 38-year old Jonathan G. Belle of West 47th Street in Bayonne was taken into custody at 4:28 a.m. outside of the Bayonne Medical Center.  Officers had responded to the hospital on a report of an assault in progress and, upon arrival, were advised by the 25-year old male victim and the 22-year old female victim, that Belle had just assaulted them.

According to the victims, while standing outside of the Emergency Department door, Belle approached them and struck the male victim several times about the face with a belt.  The assault caused the victim to suffer a laceration to the face.  Belle then attempted to strike the female victim with the belt but was unsuccessful.  The motive for the assault is unknown at this time.    

Belle is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Finally, in the third arrest scenario, Captain Amato says 24-year old Henry H. Hall of W. 24th Street in Bayonne was taken into custody at 10:31 Sunday night from ShopRite.  An officer was alerted by management that a male was behaving erratically in the self-checkout lane.  As the officer responded, she observed Hall talking to himself and “jumping around.”

As the officer approached Hall to investigate and check on his well-being, she observed that he was consuming snacks and drinking a beverage that he had gathered from the store, but had not paid for.  During the investigation, it was confirmed that Hall had no money to pay for the items and he was placed under arrest for shoplifting.  A search incident to his arrest led to the recovery of approximately 13 pounds of marijuana and 42 liquid THC vape cartridges in his possession.   

Hall has been charged with shoplifting, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of synthetic marijuana with the intent to distribute.


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