Ashe-Nadrowski Campaign: Accuses Davis of Hatch Act Violation

The campaign of Bayonne Mayoral candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski issued the following press release this afternoon, accusing Mayor Jimmy Davis of violating the Hatch Act by exploiting female, city employees:

Hatch Act Violation Filed Against Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis For Exploiting Female City Employee’s For His Political Campaign While On City Property

(BAYONNE) 一 A Hatch Act Violation was filed against Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis after an employee group called Female Workers of City of Bayonne issued a formal complaint to the City of Bayonne’s Human Resources Director, Business Administrator, the Office of the Mayor and City Council. The complaint cited that starting March 1st the Mayor and city employees who are also his political supporters, were improperly taking and publishing photos of female city employees on the Mayor’s political and personal social media pages, while the workers were at city hall during the work day.

“Here is yet another example of the disrespect of residents and workers rooted in the Davis Administration.” stated Mayoral Candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski. The complaint cited several incidents where Members of the Mayor’s staff took pictures of female city employees while they were at work and posted them on his political campaign page. The employee group cited feeling uncomfortable and feared retribution if they refused to be in the pictures. The Hatch Act prohibits elected officials from conducting political activities on City Property.

“Once again Mayor Davis takes advantage of female employees for his own gain” stated 3rd ward council candidate Maria Vallado, “the purpose of Women’s History Month is to honor women and not use them as political props.”

“The residents of Bayonne deserve a Mayor who is always going to prioritize working to solve the important issues in our city like improving our trash collection services, parking concerns, affordability, and crime. Not focused on photo opps that raise his political profile with political outsiders at the expense of our city employee’s” Said Ashe-Nadrowski.

In addition it was also reported that over the last several months the mayor’s political supporters conducted political activities and meetings inside City Hall. City employees were also reported to have been seen selling political fundraiser tickets during city hours and targeting other city employees at their homes to have them sign petitions to help the mayor and his running mates get on the ballot.