Ballot Positions Drawn For Hoboken’s November 7th Council Ward Elections

The ballot positions for Hoboken’s November 7th Council Ward elections have been drawn.  A majority of the candidates attended Wednesday drawing in the City Council Chambers, as long time clerk Jimmy Farina spun the iconic, wooden box, which probably dates back to…who was Hoboken’s Ward 1 Councilperson in 1900?  Sorry, off topic.

As I was saying, each of the six Ward Council candidates learned where their name would be positioned on the ballot.  The only ward without opposition is the 4th Ward, where incumbent Councilman Ruben Ramos is running unopposed.  He drew position 1E.

The only ward where a new Councilperson is guaranteed is Ward 1.  Incumbent Mike DeFusco chose not to seek re-election.

1E went to Paul Presinzano, a frequent critic of the Bhalla Administration.  Rafi Cordova, who has Mayor Bhalla’s support, drew position 3E, while former Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini received position 5E.

In Ward 2, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher drew position 1E.  Mayor Bhalla’s candidate, Attorney Marla Decker will appear in position 3E, while Patricia Waiters, also a Board of Education candidate, drew 5E.  In the unlikely event Waiters wins both elections, she would have to choose which elected position she wants to serve in, as New Jersey law prohibits dual office holding, unless you are grandfathered; already holding both jobs.

In the Third Ward, incumbent Councilman Michael Russo drew position 1E, while his opponent Ed Reep, a Republican data analyst, got 3E.

Ward 5 positioning wil be challenger Liz Urtecho in position 1E, with incumbent Councilman Phil Cohen in 3E.

Finally, in Ward 6, Ian Rintel drew 1E, incumbent Councilwoman Jen Giattino received position 3E and attorney Lauren Myers, who has Mayor Bhalla’s backing, got 5E.


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