Bayonne Council to Adopt Amended Redevelopment Plan at Upcoming Meeting

Bayonne, NJ – The City Council of Bayonne is set to hold its regularly scheduled council caucus tonight at 6pm. On the agenda are several crucial ordinances and proposals that the council will consider and present to the public.

One of the key items on the agenda is the discussion and consideration of five ordinances that are scheduled for hearing. The first ordinance, O-1, is a financial agreement between the city and Togus Urban Renewal, LLC for the development of properties located in various blocks in Bayonne. This agreement will help to spur growth and investment in these areas, and will bring new development opportunities to the city.

The second ordinance, O-2, provides for the special assessment of the cost of improvements to the same properties. This will help to ensure that the costs of these improvements are shared equitably among those who will benefit from them.

The third ordinance, O-3, authorizes the guaranty of up to $65 million in City Guaranteed Redevelopment Area Bonds. This will provide the city with the necessary financing to support its redevelopment efforts, and will help to spur growth and investment in the city.

The council will also discuss the adoption of the Central Constable Hook Redevelopment Plan, which is aimed at revitalizing properties in the area and promoting economic growth. This plan will help to guide future development in the city and will play a critical role in shaping the future of Bayonne.

Finally, the council will consider amendments to the city’s traffic ordinances, which will help to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors in Bayonne. The proposed amendment to Chapter 7 of the Revised General Ordinances of the City of Bayonne will add one restrictive parking zone to improve public safety.

In addition to these ordinances, the council will also consider the introduction of Ordinance O-6, which is an amended and restated redevelopment plan for the property located at 69-71 New Hook Road, Block 416 Lots 1 & 2. This plan will help to guide future development in this area and will provide the city with a roadmap for growth and investment.

It’s important to note that the public is invited to attend the meeting and provide comments. To do so, speakers are encouraged to sign the sign-up sheet prior to the meeting. This is a great opportunity for residents to stay informed about the important decisions being made in Bayonne and to have a say in the city’s future.