Photo Courtesy City of Bayonne

The Bayonne Fire Department recently held a ceremony to welcome its newest rig, Engine 3, which was obtained with federal Community Development Block Grant funding.  It will be housed at the City Hall Fire Station.

Fire Chief Keith Weaver thanked Community Development and BEOF Executive Director Samantha Howard, Mayor Jimmy Davis, and the City Council for supporting the Fire Department.  

The process of acquiring the new fire engine began more than a year ago, in September 2022, when Director Howard advised Chief Weaver that grant funding was available for the Fire Department.  Naturally, the Chief expressed interest in purchasing a new fire engine for the Department.  Including the new Engine 3, the Fire Department has purchased other rigs with approximately $1.5 million in federal funds over the past 30 years.

Keeping the Fire Department up to date with new, modern vehicles and equipment has been a priority of the Davis Administration, which began in 2014.  The Bayonne Fire Department has replaced or refurbished seven out of nine of its rigs during Mayor Davis’ time in office.  Chief Weaver announced at the ceremony that the Department is in the planning phases for acquiring two, new pieces of fire apparatus.  

At the ceremony, Mayor Davis said to the assembled firefighters, “Our job is to make sure that you have updated equipment, and to make sure you can do your job and can go home.”    He presented a plaque to Samantha Howard to thank her for obtaining the federal funds for Engine 3.  The plaque declares her to be an honorary Battalion Chief in the Bayonne Fire Department.