Bayonne Police & 7-11 Reward Youth For Good Deeds With Operation Chill

The Bayonne Police Department has teamed up with the 7-11 Corporation for a special program that rewards youngsters for doing good deeds or exhibiting positive behavior in their communities.  It’s 7-11’s Operation Chill campaign.

When a Bayonne police officer sees a child or teenager doing something positive in their neighborhood, they reward that person with a 7-11 Operation Chill coupon for free, Slurpees from the store.  now who doesn’t enjoy a free, cold Slurpee, especially right before the beginning of the new school year on a hot summer day?

On Sunday morning, the police rewarded kids who took part in the Bayonne Recreation Department’s Bike Ride with the officers because they displayed safety initiatives by wearing their bicycle helmets.  It was just a small thing, but important in helping to create a bond between the officers and the children.

This is the 25th anniversary of the 7-11 Operation Chill program.