Bayonne Police Arrest 5 on Separate Marijuana, Shoplifting and Burglary Charges

Bayonne assault and arrest

Five people have been arrested by Bayonne Police for separate incidents on Wednesday.  According to Captain Eric Amato, Brooklyn residents Dwayne A. Crawford, age 28, and Timothy M. McIntyre, age 23, were taken into custody at midnight near Route 440 south and Avenue A.  They were charged with marijuana possession.  McIntyre also had narcotics paraphernalia in his possession.

In another incident, 56-year old Jimmy Auriemma of 40th Street in Bayonne, was arrested for shoplifting $152.61 worth of merchandise from Walmart.

At 4:24 yesterday afternoon, Captain Amato says 26-year old Bramgy Brito of West 32nd Street in Bayonne, was taken into custody for marijuana possession neat 16th Street and JFK Boulevard.

Finally, at 5:37 yesterday afternoon, 44-year old Anselmo Maisonet of Story Court was taken into custody near Broadway and 15th Street.  An officer in the area recognized Maisonet as matching a description of a man who had committed a burglary and theft on September 23.  The officer witnessed Maisonet peering into parked cars.

Amato says the officer then witnessed Maisonet, who was on a bicycle, enter a driveway.  After a few minutes he emerged with a black backpack.  It was determined he had taken the item from a parked car.

He was charged with burglary and theft.