Hoboken Artists Begin Painting Art Box Murals on Washington Street

Local Hoboken artists this week began painting utility boxes on Washington Street as a part of the Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee’s Hoboken Art Box Project.  14 utility boxes will be painted by artists who live or work in Hoboken reflecting the theme of Equality and Inclusion. Residents are asked to please provide space to artists painting the murals on the utility boxes in the coming weeks.

As an example, Alison Josephs is currently painting “The Hoboken Tree”, a mural at 12th and Washington, which displays birds in one big tree, reflecting the various countries represented in the Hoboken community. Alison has invited various residents to paint a bird on the mural to reflect their country of origin, to show unity and collaboration in the community.

“We are excited for this project to be underway to help beautify our main commercial corridor, while celebrating Hoboken’s rich diversity and continued commitment to equity,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “I thank our arts committee and local artists for their efforts, and look forward to celebrating the finished murals!”

“It’s very exciting to see the art that is currently being created on Washington Street as a result of The Hoboken Art Box Project,” said Arts Committee Chair Chris O’Connor. “This is the first project that the Hoboken Art Board has done, and it’s very inspiring to see that our call for proposals has inspired such wonderful work. The theme for the project is Equity and Inclusion and you can see that theme played out in each work. I can’t wait to see them unveiled in early November.”

For more information on the art mural project, including the theme of Equality and Inclusion, please click here.