Bayonne Police Investigating Sunday Knife & Shoplifting Incidents

Bayonne assault and arrest

It was a relatively quiet day on Sunday for the Bayonne Police Department, but there were three incidents worth mentioning, particularly one which obviously scared a young, female resident at her residence.

According to police Captain Eric Amato, a 33-year old woman who lives on Cottage Street opened her door when the doorbell rang at 5:46 on Sunday afternoon.  She was greeted by an unknown male who pulled a knife on her.  The assailant threatened her life if she did not keep the noise down inside of her apartment.

The unknown man then fled without harming the woman.  Police are investigating.  If the man if located, he faces a charge of terroristic threat with a weapon.

In two unrelated incidents, Amato says two men have been arrested and charged with shoplifting.  The first incident took place at 8 a.m. on Sunday at the ShopRite on Broadway.

36-year old, Luis A. Colmenares-Perez, a resident of Broadway in Bayonne, was charged with taking $216.76 worth of merchandise.

Then at 3:31 on Sunday afternoon, 44-year old Christopher M. Carter of Bidwell Avenue in Jersey City, was taken into custody on charges of shoplifting $994.10 worth of seafood from the Costco at 21 Goldsborough Drive.