This year, parents have to make a difficult decision regarding Halloween.  With COVID, do parents permit their children to go Trick-or-Treating?  It’s a tough decision.  We all know how much kids love Halloween…or is it JUST the candy?  Anyway, tough choice for mom and dad.
In an effort to assist parents, the Bayonne Police Department has issued some tips.  As it does every year, Chief Robert Geisler says the Department will add extra resources to the streets of Bayonne to ensure everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.  Uniformed officers will be assigned to directed patrols in high volume pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas, such as transit hubs, shopping districts, as well as the city’s annual, Halloween Parade.  The parade is scheduled for Halloween Day, October 31st at 12 noon at the 16th Street Park Amphitheater.
The city will distribute “Welcome Trick-or-Treaters” signs for businesses and households which want to let the kids know they will be giving out candy to the youngsters, and it’s OK to approach their front doors.  Police ask Trick-or-Treaters not to approach homes or stores that are not displaying the signs.
The tips from the Police Department are:
For the kids….
*keep social distancing and wear a mask.
*trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods.
*use a flashlight when it’s dark outside.
*stay on the sidewalk.
*only cross the street at corners, in the crosswalk and when the traffic signal is green.
*don’t enter the street from between parked cars.
* don’t text or read your phone when crossing the street.
*watch your step if your costume is loose or baggy.
*have an adult inspect your candy before you eat it.
For the parents:
*leave your outdoor lights on so your front porch and steps are illuminated.
*remove debris from stairs and walkways.
*keep your pets away from the door when Trick-or-Treaters arrive.
*drive safely.  Kids tend to get excited and may run into the street.
*hold young children’s hands when crossing the street.
Finally, HAVE FUN!!!