Shop-Rite of Bayonne to Hold Drive for Bayonne Food Bank September 12 to September 18

Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that Inserra Shop-Rite of Bayonne will be holding an in-store food drive for the Bayonne Food Bank this month.  The drive will begin on Saturday, September 12, and will last through Friday, September 18. The store is located at 26th Street and Avenue C in Bayonne.

Mayor Davis said, “The Coronavirus and the 2020 recession have caused unemployment across America and here in Bayonne.  As a result, many people need help getting enough food for their families.  That’s why City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski and City Business Administrator Melissa Mathews organized the Bayonne Food Bank in coordination with the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF) earlier this year.  That food bank conducts frequent food distributions in the community.”

The Bayonne Food Bank is receiving some assistance from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding that comes from the federal government.  Mayor Davis explained, “Since the need is great, more help for the food bank is always welcome.  In August, we received the good news that Inserra Supermarkets, the owners of the Bayonne Shop-Rite store, have offered to help the Bayonne Food Bank through Inserra’s Partners in Caring Program.  The food drive will feature a drop-off area at the store.”  Mayor Davis continued, “Inserra Shop-Rite will ask customers to purchase non-perishable food items or gift cards for the Bayonne Food Bank’s pantry.  Customers will be able to drop off the cards and food items in what Inserra calls ‘a safe and socially distanced setting’ at the Bayonne Shop-Rite.”   

Non-perishable food items include, but are not limited to: canned tuna fish; canned or boxed pasta; pasta sauce; canned vegetables; canned fruits; pudding cups; 100% fruit boxes; boxed cereal; oatmeal; breakfast bars; non-perishable macaroni and cheese; chunky soups; peanut butter; jelly; rice; and canned beans.

The Inserra Supermarkets have a policy of conducting food drives each year in conjunction with local community partners.  Mayor Davis said, “On behalf of the City of Bayonne, I would like to thank Inserra for its generous offer to help the Bayonne Food Bank.  We always appreciate it when businesses that operate in Bayonne give back to our community.”

Mayor Davis concluded, “During the days from September 12 through September 18, I hope that all customers of Bayonne’s Inserra Shop-Rite who are able to do so will purchase non-perishable food items and/or gift cards for the Bayonne Food Bank.  That food drive will provide a great opportunity for our residents to help our neighbors in need.  During this time of economic distress, the Bayonne Food Bank and other food pantries need the community’s help more than ever. I would like to thank the people of Bayonne for their generous support.”