Bayonne’s Woodrow Wilson School Receives National Recognition From Federal Government

The Bayonne Board of Education has received some very special news from the Federal Government.  Superintendent of Schools John Niesz has announced that the Woodrow Wilson School has been chosen by the United States Federal Government as a recipient of this year’s National ESEA Distinguished School Award. This award recognizes excellence in special education and Title I Programs for the 2021-2022 school year.

In a letter to the community dated Friday, Niesz stated, “Annually, the National ESEA Distinguished Schools Program, a project of the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators, publicly recognizes schools in the United States for their outstanding achievements in education. This award is an especially prestigious honor, as only two (2) schools per state are selected each year as National ESEA Distinguished Schools.

We would like to commend and thank Principal Maureen Brown and all of her students, faculty and staff for all of their amazing hard work supporting and educating all of our learners. We also thank our parents and the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEPAC) for working as a team in educating our students. The Curriculum and Instruction Department, led by Asst. Superintendent Dr. Dennis Degnan and our Special Education Department, led by Asst. Superintendent Ms. Jennifer Vecchiarelli and Director Ms. Kim DeMedici, are very humbled to accept this award on behalf of the entire school district.”

As a special reward for the students and staff of the district, and thanks to everyone at Woodrow Wilson School, the Superintendent has announced that the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 24, will be the first-ever N.U.T. Day for the ENTIRE DISTRICT.  N.U.T. Day?

Everyone gets to dress in their own style.  No Uniforms Today on Wednesday.  Not for students, not for staff.  The entire district is encouraged to dress casually.  No uniform required!!!

Superintendent Niesz also announced that “on December 1, 2021 all schools will be conducting a virtual Open House. Parents, please contact your student(s) teachers for a schedule of appointments. If any parent wishes to have a face to face appointment please contact your child’s teacher to schedule an in-person appointment time.”


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