HCST’s Explore Middle School Holds Science Olympics

The Hudson County Schools of Technology’s Explore Middle School in Jersey City held a very special science fair on Friday.  Dubbed the Science Olympics, the event was the school’s first, thematic unit for the 2021-2022 academic year.  It was designed to piggyback off of the Tokyo Summer Olympics held in August.

The day not only featured science projects of all types from the entire school’s student body, but the school also welcomed United States Olympian, silver medalist Gail Marquis of Jersey City, a member of the first women’s basketball squad to compete in the Olympic games during the 1976 games in Montreal.  Marquis spoke of the importance of working hard and reaching for your dreams, all while adhering to the goal of “desire, dedication and discipline.”

The sixth through eighth grade classes were exposed to topics relating to the Olympics throughout the first quarter of the school year.  Classes included fine arts, technology, and social studies.  Students explored more traditional and topical subjects, ranging from the logistical challenges due to the COVID pandemic to athlete activism.

In their science classes, the students were challenged to “Explore” the science behind various Olympic events.  Individually, they wrote research papers, and as a group they created a project for entry into the science fair, or in this case, the Science Olympics.

At the end of the competition, bronze, silver and gold medals were awarded for the top three projects.  During the afternoon, the students competed in Olympic-style activities.