Brave Child Overcomes His Fear of Swimming thanks to the British School of Hudson Waterfront

A young kid from Newark has overcome his fear of water, thanks to the British Swim School of Hudson Waterfront. Elijah has recently graduated to “turtle 2”, meaning he is now deemed safe in the water under any circumstance. His progression is truly remarkable, considering the boundaries people place on children of special needs. Elijah has found a place where he has made friends, and taken his swimming skills to a level he never imagined.

The British Swim School of Hudson Waterfront has highlighted an issue that has been looked over by many parents. Drowning is a very common death for young children and is a huge danger, especially for a child of special needs. The staff have worked diligently to eliminate these concerns of parents who have elected to teach their children water safety.

Elijah and his story are a direct representation of what the British Swim School of Hudson Waterfront continues to do. Elijah’s mother Jasmin Lee spoke openly about the trust she has in the program with her son, and the satisfaction of her son’s experience with the program thus far. This story should open all parent’s eyes, especially those who were perhaps not aware of the severity regarding the issue of children drowning in the water…