BREAKING: Second Hoboken Transformer Fire in 12 Hours

A second transformer explosion and fire has taken place in Hoboken this morning.  Approximately twelve hours after a transformer exploded on Monday night, a second transformer outage has occurred at Park Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. This morning’s power outage happened before 8 o’clock, with live power lines down in the street.

Police are asking residents to avoid the area, as PSE&G is on the scene assessing the situation.  There are road closures in the surrounding neighborhood.  Buses on the #126 line are in service, with the Washington Street line into New York city diverted to 15th Street, rather than turning onto 14th Street

Last night, 5,000 Hoboken residents and businesses without power for approximately two hours.  It is not known at the present time what has triggered these two, transformer explosions in Hoboken.  Monday’s transformer fire took place at the corner of 11th and Hudson Streets, with initial sparks happening at about 7:45.

By 10 pm the majority of power had been restored in the affected areas.  No injuries resulted from Monday evening’s explosion.  There is no word on any injuries resulting from today’s blast.